Happy Birthday Erik!

Here’s to a WONDERFUL birthday to Erik! 🙂

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Erik’s current projects

Yes, Erik news!

Erik is currently shooting a film in Sydney called The Black Balloon, starring opposite Toni Collette and Gemma Ward.

Following that, he heads back to New Zealand to film Be Very Afraid at South Pacific Pictures. 🙂

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More updated screencaptures!

It’s so much nicer doing screencaps from DVDs. Quick, easy, and so very pretty. 😉



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Notably New

So, here we are at the new home for Erik Thomson Central. The old URL is still valid and I will eventually point it to this site. I don’t want anyone to change their URL links, so no worries. 🙂

Besides the new digs, I have also added new/updated screencaptures to the new photo gallery. Continue reading

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the new home for Erik Thomson Central

I’m doing a monster revamp of Erik Thomson Central (and moving most of its contents here). Tis still part of Kiari’s Corner, but I want to clean things up a bit. So excuse the mess! 😉

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