Erik Thomson on family life

New article is up:

Packed to the Rafters’ Erik Thomson on family life

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Father’s Day articles

I’ve added two articles, one from The Sunday Telegraph and the other from The Sunday Mail.  Both articles are about Erik and fatherhood.  The Sunday Telegraph even has a picture of Erik and his daughter Eilish:

You can read the articles here:

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Packed to the Rafters

Packed to the Rafters has begun its run on Australia’s Seven!  Here are some links to articles regarding the show.  🙂

The Australian Television Information Archive has a Packed to the Rafters section with an episode list (with pictures!) and an articles page.

I’ve also added a few cast photos to the images section of the site.  Sorry I don’t have anything bigger!

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It’s four days (or three depending on where you are) until Erik’s birthday.  Feel free to post your birthday greetings here.  🙂

And a very best to Erik on his day!

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The Black Balloon

The Black Balloon premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and received the Crystal Bear award. Congratulations! From the Berlinale website:

Prizes of the Generation 14plus Youth Jury 2008

The members of the Generation 14plus Youth Jury Roman Akbar, Zadora Enste, Hans Hirsch, Nora Kubach, Zo? Martin, Linda Moog, and Lavan Vasuthevan give the following awards:

The Crystal Bear for the best feature-length film goes to

The Black Balloon by Elissa Down (Australia)

We were very moved by the close to life story portraying the everyday life of an extraordinary family in this film. We were especially impressed by the way in which joyous and serious moments were expertly interwoven, and also by the actors’ excellent performances.

The official website for The Black Balloon has photos and the trailer for your viewing pleasure. I’ve also added a couple of pictures from the official website to The Black Balloon gallery here at Erik Thomson Central.

The Black Balloon MySpace page also has new photos from the Berlin Film Festival. So far there is one picture with Erik in it. 🙂

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The Black Balloon trailer and photos

New photos from The Black Balloon here.

Trailer for The Black Balloon, upcoming Australian film with Gemma Ward, Rhys Wakefield, Luke Ford, Erik Thomson, and Toni Collette. It will have its World Premier at the Berlin Film Festival in Feb 2008. And it will be in Australian cinemas March 6, 2008.

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Packed to the Rafters

Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2008! I found some info online about Packed to the Rafters. This comes from a media release dated December 6, 2007:

Seven’s Director Of Programming and Production Tim Worner said today:

“There is no better time to launch a show on Seven than right now. We’ve generated incredible momentum in 2007 and our aim in 2008 is to keep it rolling.

“We see our victory this year as just the start of something and we’re now setting about making it something special. These are only the shows we’re prepared to announce now and there will be more Australian productions in 2008.

“It’s especially thrilling to give the green light to Packed To The Rafters. It’s a wonderful premise with some great scripts. Australian drama is woven into the fabric of Seven and we aim to continue to deliver really good Australian stories really well told.”


Meet Dave and Julie Rafter (Erik Thomson and Rebecca Gibney) – just your average Australians with three grown-up children. On the eve of their twenty-fifth wedding-anniversary it seems they’re at last about to have the house to themselves. Offspring Rachel, Ben and Nathan (played by newcomers Jessica Marais, Hugh Sheridan and Angus McLaren) have all developed into well-rounded and out-going, if exceptionally different and complex, individuals, with a raft of their own conflicts and dilemmas. But home can seem a very welcome refuge when unforeseen problems loom.

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Happy Holidays!

First off, THANK YOU to Erik for the lovely comment in the previous post.  You can all read it here.

Second, a couple of links of interest:

  • The Black Balloon – The Black Balloon myspace site has the official trailer up.  It looks great!  The movie is slated to open March 6th in Australia.  Not sure about the rest of the world.
  • We’re Here to Help – I’ve added a few more official shots (two are repeats, but one is new) to the gallery here.  Thank you to the official site for providing the images to the website.  🙂

Third, a most wonderful holiday season to everyone out there!  Merry Christmas and here’s to a most wonderful 2008!

~ Valerie

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new link, new photos, new credits

We’re Here to Help

  • will be released New Zealand wide on November 8, 2007.
  • For images and more info, as well as the trailer, head out to the movie’s official site –
  • a couple of images can be seen in the gallery here at Erik Thomson Central

I’ve added a couple of more roles to Erik’s credits.  As soon as I know more about them, I’ll post.  😉

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We’re Here to Help

Sorry for not adding this sooner!

Erik’s feature, We’re Here to Help (formerly BVA formerly Be Very Afraid) has a website up at,525.spp. I’ve also copied the article to the website and you can find it here.

Thank you for all the comments here at Erik Thomson Central. Although Erik does know about this website, I’m not sure that he is a frequent enough visitor to read all the wonderful words visitors have written. So do please keep that in mind.

Thank you!

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