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All Saints

What’s mandatory viewing for you?

I was born in Scotland so I have a patriotic obligation to watch Scottish TV. I rather enjoyed The Young Person’s Guide To Becoming A Rock Star and Hamish Macbeth. I also like documentaries. I think The Big Picture series on ABC is worth looking at and SBS has some great docos about musicians and artists, like the recent one on Lou Reed (Lou Reed: Rock ‘n’ Roll Heart).

You don’t watch a lot of commercial TV?

No. My natural tendency is to watch the ABC or SBS. Although I don’t mind watching Xena, Warrior Princess. I had a recurring role on that show and I like to watch it to see how my friends are going. As Newsweek described it, it’s the most enjoyable waste of time in years. It’s something fun to put on if you’re getting ready to go out or having a quiet Saturday at home. But the number of commercials in TV, particularly in movies, is really irritating.

But they do make good tea breaks.

Yes, but I usually watch TV to relax and I find ads a bit distracting. I would rather walk my dog or spend time with my girlfriend or play my guitar to wind down. TV is certainly not the forefront of my social life.

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