Send for the Love Doctor

Send for the love doctor

TV Scene: March 5-11 2000

While Erik Thomson loves his character Dr Mitch Stevens on All Saints, he’s relieved his own love life is a lot less complicated.

While Dr Stevens is tied up in a love triangle with his girlfriend Rose and gorgeous nun and nursing unit manager, Terri, Thomson is a one-woman man.

He is happily wed to Caitlin.

“Things are really hotting up for Mitch,” Thomson said.

“He has just proposed to Rose, played by Joy Smithers, but he is madly in love with Georgie Parker’s character Terri. He realises there is no future for him and Terri so he kind of decides to make do.

“Sad, really,” said 32-year-old Thomson.

“Imagine being in that kind of horrible situation but I’m enjoying the whole scenario. Mitch is a wonderful character.

“He’s a lot like me in many ways.

“Very approachable and passionate but I think he’s more arrogant and bolchy than me, or at least I hope he is.”

Certainly Thomson is anything but arrogant.

He happily admits that he almost gave his obstetrician father a heart attack when he announced he was taking up acting instead of finishing his arts degree.

“I always knew I would never be a doctor like my dad because he had to work unbelievably hard.

“He was always on call and really busy.

“It was my time at the New Zealand Drama School that convinced me acting was for me.”

Thomson has appeared in Water Rats, Wildside, Gantry Row, Hercules, Xena – Warrior Princess and Pacific Drive.

Seven’s All Saints was the first show he joined as a core cast member.

Thomson is proud that he was born in Scotland and he is looking forward to taking his wife to the Highlands when the All Saints cast takes a break from filming during the Olympics.

“I’ll probably be one of very few people flying out of Sydney at that time. But I just can’t wait to return to Scotland.

“I lived in Inverness until I was seven, when my family moved to New Zealand.

“Och, aye. It’s be more than a holiday.

“It’ll be a revival of some fantastic childhood memories.”

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