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October 12, 2008 12:30am

HE’S the star of Australia’s hottest TV show, but local hunk Erik Thomson isn’t a bit precious.

He is starring in the new Scott Hicks’ movie The Boys Are Back, which is being filmed in Keith Murdoch House home of The Advertiser and Sunday Mail.

Yesterday Thomson was as affable and relaxed as his popular character Dave Rafter, from the top-rating Packed To The Rafters.

After filming he popped over for a chat and happily posed for photos.

In the film, due for release next year, British actor Clive Owen plays sports journalist Joe Warr, a single dad dealing with grief and the inevitable collision between his career and family.

Yesterday’s filming involved the character working in the newsroom and attending a news conference.

Owen was not as keen to fraternise with the ridgy-didge journos and photographers. Filming scenes about 20m from the real staff, the famously focused actor noticed I was “in his eyeline” and asked that I be whisked away.

“He is immensely professional, immensely organised,” producer Greg Brenman said of the star.

And immensely shy, judging by his reluctance to be photographed.

The usually debonair Brit looked every bit the sports journalist in grey slacks and blue shirt with tousled hair.

Thomson, who lives with his actress wife Caitlin McDougall and daughter at Port Willunga, cheerfully admits he’s enjoying playing alongside an international star of the calibre of Owen.

Thomson, who plays Warr’s journo mate Digby, said he’d enjoyed working with his well-known co-star. “He’s a really nice guy, obviously very high profile and that is intimidating but I never felt any of that,” Thomson said. “I’ve been enjoying working with him.”

The actor wrapped up Packed To The Rafters on September 29 and his first day on the set of the film was on October 1. “I drove back from Sydney with my dog and a car full of stuff,” he said. While obviously thrilled to work with Hicks and Owen, he also had an ulterior motive for seeking the gig.

“The fact I can sleep in my own bed – it’s great! I just had to get the role for that reason,” he joked.

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