New Doc on the Block


Erik Thomson has the perfect pedigree for a role in All Saints: his dad’s a doctor, his mum and sister are nurses – and there’s more!

DRESSED in his white lab coat, with a stethoscope around his neck, Erik Thomson is the vision of a happy man.

Not only has he landed a role in All Saints, he now feels he really fits in at family gatherings. Because in the Thomson clan, medicine is in the blood.

“My father is a doctor, my mum’s a nurse, my sister’s a nurse, my brother-in-law is a doctor and my best mate is a doctor,” Erik says. “I have been in hospitals all my life. It doesn’t make me a doctor, but I understand the whole social scene of the medical world, doctor-nurse relationships and that kind of thing.”

However, it wasn’t only Erik’s medical background that impressed those in the casting chair.

With his rugged good looks and roguish charm, he seemed the ideal candidate to play Dr Mitch Stevens, the man who once taught Sister Terri Sullivan (Georgie Parker) what she would be giving up once she took the vow of chastity.

“Before she became a nun about eight or nine years ago, they had quite a passionate affair which had blown apart,” Erik says. “It confirmed her beliefs and the life she wanted to lead.

“Now his arriving back, after working for the Red Cross in Africa, is a bit of a cat among the pigeons for her. The potential is there for a lot of tension.”

Born in Scotland and New Zealand, Erik has an unusual accent -perfect for a character who has spent almost 10 years travelling.

“I haven’t had to modify my accent at all over here,” he says. “It puzzles people a bit about where I am from, but hopefully they will get over that. I tend to just go for the heart of the character.”

(Author unknown; publication TV Week)

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