Getaway host Thomson hasn’t quit acting

Getaway host Thomson hasn’t quit acting

Tuesday Feb 7 16:28 AEDT

Erik Thomson wants one thing clear – his new job on Getaway doesn’t mean he has quit acting!

While most of 2006 will be spent travelling the globe on the Nine Network travel show, he hopes for a role in an Australian feature film in his downtime.

“What attracted me to doing Getaway was that I can do Australian feature films too,” said the 38-year-old past Silver Logie winner.

Thomson’s most recent film role was starring opposite Sam Worthington and Abbie Cornish in the 2004 Australian flick Somersault.

“That said, they are very hard to get because not a lot are made and you have to beat tough competition for them.

“But, if I cottoned onto a nice role it would be great. I could do both or perhaps even a telemovie if that came along.”

Thomson says he was nervous after the drama The Alice, in which he played lead character Jack Jaffers, was axed last year.

“I was anxious because The Alice was the pinnacle of my TV drama career and I had no idea what to do next and what was out there in Australian drama that could push my buttons.”

Thomson shopped around and was offered many roles.

Out of the blue came an opening at Getaway when reporter David Reyne made a shock exit to co-host the new Network Ten morning show 9am with David and Kim.

“This wasn’t the obvious thing (I would have chosen) and I liked that,” he said.

“It’s early days yet but it’s been a steep learning curve because I have never done anything like this. I have only ever done drama. But, I am media savvy to navigate myself through the minefield that is network television.”

A showbiz veteran of nearly 15 years and married to Australian actress Caitlin McDougall, Thomson says he has learnt a lot about negotiating deals.

He has a two-year deal with Getaway.

“I am not wide eyed and ignorant to the business like I could have been years ago,” he said.

“I can fortunately go into these things level headed and see as many of the potential downfalls and cut them off in advance instead of letting them sneak up.

“There is a lot of romance surrounding being a travel reporter, but you have to look after your own personal life as well.”

There are also no bells and whistles.

“You have to do all your own stuff,” he laughs.

“You look after your wardrobe and keep an eye on hair and make-up. You have to take those responsibilities for yourself instead of having people around you do it for you like in drama.”

His first international trip will be in March when he reports from Japan on sumo wrestling.

*Getaway 2006 returns to on Thursday February 16 on the Nine Network.

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