The Perth Telethon

Eva had the opportunity to meet Erik Thomson and Judith McGrath of All Saints. She graciously allowed me to feature her pictures from the telethon in Perth (1999). She also had a few comments…

[Erik is pictured on the far left, Judith at the far right]

“I met Erik and Judith and they are the funniest people I have ever met…”

“Erik told everyone that the season finale goes out with a bang so I don’t know what that means but he was really excited.”

“Erik is Lovely. He is a really nice guy and he is soooo funny. I spoke to him for a while and I really enjoyed it.”

Many thanks to Eva for allowing me to feature the pictures, as well as to Azhreia for scanning them…

images from the telethon copyright © 1999 Eva
used with permission
images scanned by Azhreia