date of birth: 27 April 1967

place of birth: Inverness, Scotland

marital status: married Caitlin McDougall on 7 August 1999 in McLaren Vale, South Australia

eyes: blue

height: 5’11” [1.80 m]

siblings: two sisters


Australian Film Institute

  • 2004 [won] AFI Award – Best Actor Supporting Role in Somersault

Film Critics Circle of Australia Award

  • 2004 [nominated ] FCCAA Award – Best Supporting Actor in Somersault

Logie Awards

  • 2004 [nominated] Silver Logie – Most Popular Actor for “All Saints”
  • 2003 [won] Silver Logie – Most Popular Actor for “All Saints”

Things he’d rather do than watch tv:

  • “I would rather walk my dog or spend time with my girlfriend or play my guitar to wind down. TV is certainly not the forefront of my social life.” [Short Cuts: What I Watch]

What Erik has said about this website:

  • “I checked out your website and was again blown away with the quality and up-to-the-minute info you have gathered…” [1998]

  • “It’s pretty bizarre, because in Hercules and Xena I’ve really only spent about three and a half weeks in total working on it over the last four or five years. But it’s such a big phenomenon in America– people become obsessed with it, like Trekkies, they pick people. I played a different character on it before I played Hades, and that happens quite a lot in New Zealand – they don’t actually cast a lot of people from outside New Zealand, other than they bring in the occasional guest from America. It’s great for the locals, because you have people there who have played four or five characters and they put a beard on them, change their hair colour, change the costume, put a prosthetic on them. So these people take a lot of pride in picking the ones who have actually done it before. It’s amazing, I’ve actually been in contact with her [the website coordinator] a couple of times, written a couple of emails to her, and she seems committed to doing that so… Just to keep it up, because she keeps it up and it just looks after itself and people can tune in.” [Erik Thomson – The Maverick Physician of Ward 17, originally from the Seven Network website. 1999]