in Kauai October 2006
  • name: Valerie C. Noble (Kiari is the online name)
  • dob: 3 May sometime in the 70s
  • pob: Bay Area, California
  • status: married
  • pets: 3 dogs – Meggie the labrador, Saffy the Yorkshire Terrier, and Holli the dachshund
  • work: paper pusher
  • other sites include
    Kiari’s Corner – the first domain
     Moonlit Jazz – blogging and photos
    Shady Satin – the livejournal
    Noblelady – the myspace
    The Kiari Vox – Vox blog

And why Erik?

  • Erik (along with Kevin Smith) is the reason I began Kiari’s Corner. Not only did I look forward to Erik’s portrayal as Hades on HTLJ and XWP, but I wanted to know more about him. Back in 1997, information was scarce, so I decided to start my own tribute to him.
  • I’ve had a little contact with Erik (via emails) and he’s always friendly and forthcoming. It’s certainly a thrill whenever I hear from him and I’m glad that he’s okay with this website thing. But it would definitely be icing on the cake if I ever got to meet him and shake his hand. Something to look forward to? 🙂
  • Until that day, I’ll keep doing my part to tell the world about this wonderful and talented actor. Much success to him always!