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DISCLAIMER: This fansite does not intend to infringe on any rights held by Erik Thomson, his management, and associated parties. Images and sounds belong to their respective productions. Unless otherwise noted, images/sounds captured/scanned by Valerie C. Noble/Kiari. If you would like to use them on your own website or otherwise, please contact the website owner at vasiakiari[at]gmail[dot]com.

Erik Thomson Central is owned and maintained by Valerie C. Noble aka Kiari, making its debut as Kiari’s Erik Thomson Page in 1997. It was later known as Kiari’s Erik Thomson Corner before finally settling on Erik Thomson Central.

The page started on AOL, then moved to in 1998 along with my websites on Kevin Smith and Carlos Ponce. After Erik’s last appearance as Hades (on Young Hercules), it became a bit difficult to keep up with Erik because his work was based in Australia. I had to depend greatly on the kindness of his fans down under for providing me with screencaptures and articles. I very much appreciate all the people who have provided me with updates, screencaptures, articles, and anything else throughout the years. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

A few notes about the website

  • Any updates worth mentioning will be featured on the homepage. Just click home for the latest update on Erik or the website.
  • The guestbook is new, as is the form on the contact page. If you need to contact me, the website owner, you can use the form or email me directly at vasiakiari[at]gmail[dot]com.
  • I have had a bit of contact with Erik, but if you’d like him to read a message from you, your best bet might be leaving a comment on the website.  Erik has posted a couple of comments (as of January 2008), so that might mean he reads the comments posted.  If you email me through the site or through my email address, you will reach me, the website lady, not Erik.  Just a reminder!  🙂

fast facts about Erik Thomson Central

  • debuted in 1997 (back on AOL) as Kiari’s Erik Thomson Page
  • owned and maintained by Valerie C. Noble aka Kiari (I’ll answer to either)
  • hosted on, my domain of mostly fangirl stuff, since 1998
  • current layout is the WordPress layout Greenflower
  • photo gallery is Coppermine
  • screencaptures done with PowerDVD or VLC Media Player