the new home for Erik Thomson Central

I’m doing a monster revamp of Erik Thomson Central (and moving most of its contents here). Tis still part of Kiari’s Corner, but I want to clean things up a bit. So excuse the mess! 😉

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10 Responses to the new home for Erik Thomson Central

  1. catherine manaf says:

    happy chiristmas.
    it is a good central of erik thomson.
    very thank that update it.

    chaterine of iran

  2. ali says:

    i lovvvvvvvvvvvve erik

  3. hony says:

    Dear erik i’m iranian …wait for another message !

  4. roxana says:

    hi dear… i love u so much…i m from iran,i see all saint,i love it and u!!!!

  5. laleh says:

    i’m iranian too and i love erik but i’m very unhappy because mitch died last night

  6. susan says:

    hi dear
    i am iranian. we watched you dead last week.( every week we watch ALL SAINTS on TV )we are unhappy. i very crried .i am waiting for your answers.


  7. masoud says:

    Hi Erik, i like u very much. u r best artist men in world. i like u. i like have one mail for me. please send me one masage if u can. thanks

  8. maryam says:

    hi my dear ERIK
    i love you very much
    I watch “ALL SANTS”ror you,but MICH deat last week
    and I miss you.
    I’m unhappy, I like you,because you are very kind.

  9. nafiseh says:

    hi Erik my dear Erik i love you and all of your films happy birthday to you and have a good life with your family

  10. sadaf says:

    dear mitch
    iam iranian .
    my name is sadaf.
    my friend andisheh and i love you very mutch.
    we are watching allsaints film and love you.

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