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So, here we are at the new home for Erik Thomson Central. The old URL is still valid and I will eventually point it to this site. I don’t want anyone to change their URL links, so no worries. 🙂

Besides the new digs, I have also added new/updated screencaptures to the new photo gallery.New screencaptures:

  • The Alice – from just a few of the scenes I’ve so far watched. 🙂 Caitlin (Erik’s wife) also slipped into a couple of the screenshots
  • Getaway – Tauranga – quality on these shots are a bit shoddy because of the video source

Updated screencaptures:

I’m still moving things over and hoping to get some new (to the site but old to the world) articles to the website. I’m rebuilding the links list as many of the old links have gone to the underworld of cyberspace. 😉 So if anyone knows of any worthy Erik or Erik-related websites, click the contact link above and send me a message.

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